24 Hours of Reality

Series Producer

The Climate Reality Project (founded by Al Gore) and Shoulder Hill Events

24 short documentaries that were part of a 24-hour broadcast highlighting how countries will transition from the debate about climate crisis to action and sustainable growth for all (International broadcast and webcast Dec. 2016).


Global Health Frontiers



Cielo Global Health Media

Powerful stories that take viewers to the front lines of the global health crisis and shine a spotlight on successes: “Savings Lives at Birth” (Guatemala), “Trouble w/ Ticks” (U.S.), “Life-saving Stoves” (Ghana) (Airing Spring 2016)

Supply Chain: The End-to-End Fight Against NTDS

Executive Producer & Director

GlaxoSmithKline with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

From factories in Mexico to community health workers in African villages, we cover what it takes to get donate medicines to the people who need them.  Filmed in Malawi, Indonesia, Nepal, South Africa and Mexico  (Spring 2015).    

A Reason to Celebrate and Combatting Worms: Investing in the Future 

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 1.39.44 PM.png

Executive Producer & Director


School girls in Ghana share their desire to learn and grow up healthy.  Another documentary short celebrates 15 years of a major pharmaceutical donating medicines to combat neglected tropical diseases globally (Filmed Malawi 2014).

African Einstein

Director & Cinematographer

NOVA (WGBH) & Vulcan Productions

Pilot for a feature-length documentary on the personal journeys of mathemeticians who will transform the continent  (Spring 2014)    

Fixing the Future: Now on PBS | A Feature Length Films


Director & Director of Photography

PBS and JumpStart Productions:  A feature-length film and one-hour PBS prime-time special that takes a journey across America with host David Brancaccio to see how Main Street is bringing back jobs (aired Nov. 18, 2010; theatrical release in 70 theaters July 2012).

Tribute to Leonard Lauder & Annual Gala 2016

Director & Producer
Whitney Museum of American Art






Renowned businessman and art collector devotes his life to donating art to musuems, culminating in $1 billion gift of Cubist works to the Met  (April 2016)

“I Know I Can Succeed” & “Learning about My New Self”

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 9.46.04 AM.png

Executive Producer and Cinematographer

Fountain House: College Re-Entry Program

College Re-Entry helps academically-engaged 18-30 year-old college students, who withdraw from their studies due to mental health challenges, return to college and successfully reach their educational goals.

Saving Haiti's Mothers

Field Producer & Cinematographer

NOW on PBS (and the BIR)

A documentary featuring heroic efforts to get women in troubled labor out of the remote mountainous villages of Haiti (aired Jan. 29, 2010).

CHEER | A Feature Length Films

Director & Cinematographer

Independent feature-length documentary:  Follows a cheer team of teenage girls with special needs such as autism and down syndrome as they perform at a national competition  (in production).

Real Life Tips for Kids with Autism



Earlier Work with Engel Entertainment



Women, Power & Politics

Director, Producer, Writer & Cinematographer


One-hour special with senior correspondent Maria Hinojosa that takes an intimate look at the triumphs and setbacks of women leaders around the world (aired Sept. 19, 2008).

A Walk to Beautiful

Director, Producer & Cinematographer

Theatrically-released Feature-length Documentary; Aired on NOVA/PBS

An Emmy award-winning film that follows the journeys of five women in Ethiopia who suffer from a horrendous childbirth injury as they attempt to regain their lives (2008).

Child Brides: Stolen Lives


Field Producer & Cinematographer 


One-hour special on the devastating effects of early marriage on young girls’ lives in India, Niger and Guatemala with host Maria Hinojosa. Nominated for an Emmy (aired Oct. 12, 2007).

Make Friends With Autism

Quest for Columbus: In Search of the Santa Maria


Discovery Channel

One-hour documentary about an underwater explorer's search for Columbus's flagship the Santa Maria and the discovery of the sailors' fort, La Navidad - part of Discovery's blue-chip Quest series with hi-end CGI and underwater cinematography (aired May 25, 2004).

Mummy Road Show


Series Producer, Seasons 1, 2 & 3 


National Geographic Channels 

(U.S. and International): The series follows the adventures of bio-anthropologists Ron Beckett and Jerry Conlogue as they cross the globe using imaging technology to bring mummies' stories to life. (Fall 2001, '02 & '03). Producer, Director & Writer of 9 episodes